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Nedbank.co.za internet banking: Login Guide & Review of Services

The banking scenario has been changed so much after liberalization of the Indian economy. These days, banking transactions does not consume much time like before. People can perform their day-to-day banking transactions with the help of online banking from anywhere, even from the comfort of their home or office room. Online banking has changed the banking concept throughout the world. People can carry out any baking transaction 24 hours a day, just with a click of mouse. Internet banking services help the users to save time & money as well as help the environment through electronic statements. As per Javelin Strategy & Research, about 61 million families use Internet banking on a daily basis. Nearly, each and every bank provides internet banking facility, and Nedbank is one of them.

Nedbank.co.za internet banking: Login Guide & Review of Services

Nedbank is among the leading banks of South Africa. The bank has 100s of branches throughout South Africa. It provides various products and services such as Home Loans, Personal Loans, M-Pesa, Financial Planning, Non-resident

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Gibraltar; 00350 200 77737; 00350 200 77737.

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  • Avatar Iphone broken, i have insurance with my natwest gold account but what will happen?
    Aug 05, 2010 by | Posted in Mobile Phones & Plans

    I dropped my iphone the other day and it crakced the back and now keeps freezing and the battery wont even last 24hours. I have rung the natwest phone insurence company and they say i need to provide proof of purchase and they will send me a claim form. But what will happen, will they send me money to replace the phone or fix it? Has anyone had experience with the natwest phone insurence company?

    • The only experience i have had with them was a claim i had after a holiday they told me what papers i needed then sent me a claims form and they paid up within about 3 weeks no problem so once you have the proof of purcha …r word that you own an i phone they will most probably send you a cheque for the cost of the phone but may and i stress may deduct something off depending on how long you have had the phone but that bit is only guess work

  • Avatar IPhone 3gs insurance claim with natwest advantage gold account?
    Sep 29, 2010 by | Posted in Insurance

    Hi, ive lost my iphone 3gs and i have an advantage gold account with natwest which means for £12.95 i get holiday insurance, phone insurance, money off car insurance, ETC. I heard on some websites that sometimes they will give you the equivalent of the phone you've lost or broken. Now, ive heard that they have stopped making the iphone 3gs so does this mean i will get an iphone 4g or something not as good as the 3gs?

    • You will have to call them and ask.

  • Avatar Terywall Iphone insurance NOT replacing my 3G iphone - arrgh!!?
    Apr 28, 2011 by Terywall | Posted in Mobile Phones & Plans

    I pay £12.99 for my Natwest Gold account so that I could also benefit from the phone insurance to cover my 3G iphone. Last month, I ended up smashing the damn phone to bits by dropping it out of the window and there was …a what they will offer me but I can't imagine it to be great. I don't want a cash alternative, I just want my iphone replaced with either the same model or something better! Has anyone experienced this problem before?

    • It's not really a problem - you say it's there in black and white. There's no chance of repairing the device - they agree with you on that - you should be able to buy a phone of the same age and specification with whateve …can complain to the FSA as this is an insurance product. What they will not do is give you a brand new 3G or "better" - otherwise everyone with CPP would be 'dropping' their phones out of windows, wouldn't they?